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All You Need To Know About A Lightning Rod

If a building is struck by lightning fire can occur and electrocute anyone who is close by. So the question is how can people protect themselves against one of the strongest and random forces of nature? There is a simple device in the market known as a finial or lightning rod that protects all structures from being destroyed by lightning during a thunderstorm. A lightning rod or a finial is a metal rod that is fitted on top of tall buildings or other structures such as bridges and ships that need protection from lightning.

These metallic rods can take many shapes ranging from rounded, pointed and flat. The finial can either be solid or hollow depends on one’s preference, or they can be made from bristles that look like a brush. It does not matter what shape they come in, they all work in a similar manner to draw the electrical charges from a lightning strike and divert the energy by transferring it to the ground using a wire attached to the device.

The main pieces that work together to make device functional are the metal rod, a wire, and a ground absorber. When lightning hits the finial, through a conductive material, the electricity travels along the conductive wire directly to the ground. The ground also called the earth is a metal that is taken to the ground to dispose of the electricity charges. Once the electricity charges are disposed of off well to the ground, that means that no damage is done to the structures being protected. However, if the homeowners suspect that the building was hit by lightning, they should inspect their house to ensure that the house is in order because a lot of energy was transferred.

Buildings that need more protection should use a system of networked devices and not just a single rod as that will not be enough to prevent damage from occurring. These conductors are then linked to the ground using a direct path that ensures that electricity is sent away from the building quickly.

A lightning rod is something every homeowner should consider investing in as it provides the extra sense of protection. It is essential to know if your home insurance covers lightning protection as you will know how to proceed either alone or with the insurance company. If you reside in areas like Florida that are more prone to thunderstorms then it is a good idea to invest in a good lightning rod that will protect your structure.

If you have a small structure, you should still install a finial because that way you will have a piece of mind and your home will be protected. A lightning rod has played a big role in ensuring that people are more comfortable in their homes during a thunderstorm.

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