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Basic Qualities of a True Business Leader

Leadership has been a basic part of our existence for a long time, throughout which many definitions of leadership have been developed. Effective business leaders require a certain set of skills and characteristics to not only encourage employees to follow them but also achieve success at the workplace. While team leaders may possess certain qualities such as honesty and compassion, other qualities are gained through experience and formal education. Below we discuss some of the qualities that make a good business leader.

Most, if not all leaders require good communication skills to enable them clearly explain fundamental details to team members, from specific tasks to organizational goals. Leaders are required to possess good communication skills on all fronts i.e. one-on-one, written, verbal, large meetings and departmental, not to mention negotiation skills to streamline decision-making, solve problems and achieve impeccable results. Leaders should also be good listeners and be relatively open to feedback and suggestions. The aim of any business leader should be to establish steady flows of communication between themselves and their teams and always be aware of arising concerns.

Good business leaders should showcase exemplary organizational skills. Organizational skills are essential in strategising and planning goals for optimal team performance. On top of this, good business leaders are visionaries and avoid being bogged down. They should have a good ability of staying tactical if need be while remaining strategic. Exceptional organizational skills enable leaders become powerful facilitators, aiding workers to comprehend what is required of them and achieve it efficiently.

A good business leader should be confident in his/her own abilities, as well as his/her team members’ abilities. Confident leaders are able to display conviction which reassures team members of the authority they have, while inspiring confidence in them.

While sometimes overlooked, good leaders should display transparency and honesty. Good business leaders should realise that they are responsible for the entire team hence be willing to take the blame if things do not go as planned. Leaders should be people of their words, follow through on their promises and be very consistent with recognition and rewards. Leaders should be able to admit their strengths and shortcomings, as this is a good indicator of character, builds trust among the team members and creates a supportive, strong team dynamic.

Last-minute changes and tragedies are not uncommon in the workplace. Therefore, good business leaders ought to be very flexible to accept and adapt whatever changes that may come their way.

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